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Xinji City Hebei

PTW won a design competition for two new major public buildings that will deliver a culture and arts centre; and a conference and exhibition centre for Xinji City Hebei Province.

PTW’s vision was to create a new urban centre with international appeal while still reflecting on the city’s rich past as a leather manufacturing and trade hub. Both sites needed to address the prominent green axis of the new urban city centre.

The cultural centre is comprised of five connected building segments, with a central public arrival and connection space linking to a park across the road to the north and to the south-east. The venue houses an opera house, library, science pavilion and culture pavilion.

The exhibition centre located on the eastern side of the precinct will host international trade shows and also serve as a multifunctional venue for sporting events, exhibitions, concerts and even an emergency pandemic facility.


No of Levels


Thousand (GFA m2)


Thousand (Site Area m2)

Exhibition Centre Exterior
Exhibition Centre Exterior
Exhibition Centre Interior


Xinji City, Hebei Province, China


Xinji City