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Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery

The Inveresk Railway Workshops was the centre for railway construction, engineering and maintenance in Tasmania for over 120 years. Listed on the National Estate, the redevelopment of the workshop buildings for a variety of uses, is a project of substantial economic significance for Launceston and Tasmania.

The central workshop group of 26 buildings was converted to use as a national standard art gallery and museum, housing the decorative arts collections of the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery. Additionally, the museum includes significant elements dedicated to interpreting the history of the site.

Being an industrial complex, there was no public entry onto the site. An existing gap facing the main street was used to insert a portal walkway and arrival building, giving the Museum a public address.

Gallery Interior
Gallery Interior


Tyerrenotepanner, Leterremairrener and Panninher Country, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia


PTW Architects in association with ARTAS


Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery


2002 RAIA – Merit Award for Public Buildings

2002 RAIA – Merit Award for Heritage