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Viettel R & D

Located in the centre of Ho Chi Minh, the project aim was to create a state of the art headquarters for the government owned phone company. The headquarters houses all the divisions of the company.

Emphasis on workplace excellence and framing Viettel’s company culture with current ABW design principles. Lockers and central lounges created collaboration spaces where staff could socialise.

A priority of the design was to ensure staff can pin up in the space with adjacent community walls. Colour and texture are highlighted depending on the Department.

A whole floor is dedicated to the staff canteen with terrace which after peak hours could be utilised as a meeting space.

Gym, Conference floors, training, auditorium, golf simulator, karaoke, state room, nurse, multi-purpose spaces created a unique workplace to grow the Viettel brand.


No of levels


Thousand (GFA m2)


Thousand (site m2)

Meeting Area
Meeting Room


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam