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Mounties Group Workplace

PTW created a new head office workplace for Mounties hospitality group in Sydney which comprised reception/arrival, open plan office, boardrooms and associated function spaces. The workplace was located within the Mount Pritchard Mounties Club facility and provided a seamless collaborative working environment for the administration team as well as improved board meeting facilities to reflect the growth of the Mounties Group, which dates back to 1968.

The office was a hybrid of shared and owned space, with the hybrid environment enabling hot desking and increased flexible and reconfigurable team spaces supporting the Mounties ‘connecting community’ vision.

The open office and staff break-out area was positioned around the glazed curved perimeter zone to maximise the benefit of the of northern orientation and district outlook. Ergonomic furniture was a feature of the fit-out and included Herman Miller desks and chairs. All workstations were of adjustable height (sit to stand), supporting the agile, flexible working environment. The main board room and series of more intimate meeting areas and private retreat spaces provided the diversity of spatial settings to meet the team’s needs.

Office Space
Meeting Room


Cabrogal Country, 101 Meadows Rd, Mount Pritchard, NSW, Australia


Mounties Group Mount Pritchard and District Community Club