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Thinh Liet Township

Located in the expanding south-eastern part of the greater city of Hanoi, Thinh Liet Township is conceived as a contemporary campus-type development, offering safe pedestrian-friendly links, maximizing commercial frontage as well as vibrant public areas.

The design aims to enhances public activities by expanding the commercial spine of vehicular & pedestrian networks, while providing a series of connected green spaces and well-designed commercial boulevards, creating alternative pedestrian flows which will encourage activity. Connecting to this main spine, public & educational buildings are introduced in order to shape the urban identity, which is devised as flowing, asymmetrical, and contemporary forms.

Thinh Liet Township offers diverse and inter-connected low-rise housing, contemporary high-rise apartment, a commercial shopping centre, educational facilities surrounded by well-designed open-air zones. The housing typologies within this new urban precinct include villas, semi-detached units, shophouses and townhouses.


Number of Levels (max)


Thousand (GFA m2)


Thousand (site m2)



Hoang Mai District, Hanoi, Vietnam


MIK Group Vietnam