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Pendle Hill

The Pendle Hill project in Parramatta was the redevelopment of the former Bonds Industrial site which would enhance the character of the site through new public domain with renewed vitality to existing industrial heritage items and a new and distinct residential neighbourhood.

The site, as a large parcel of land, was unique in Pendle Hill. It presented a great opportunity to provide a holistic development that would deliver a landmark residential development, active uses to the north of the site and a new and improved public domain across the site.

PTW Architects undertook extensive urban design analysis that considered revisions to the masterplan for this redevelopment. After careful consideration and thorough analysis of any potential impacts to the surrounding and the site’s own amenity, the proposed strategy for the public open space sought to establish a high quality and sustainable environment for people to work, live and visit. The revised masterplan presented a well balanced development and would provide benefits to the local community.

Site Plan
Public Park
Street View


Darug Country, Sydney, NSW, Australia