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Fernhill Estate

As part of a due diligence process for the adaption of the Fernhill Estate as a cemetery, PTW undertook a number of heritage assessments. These included: a peer review of the CMP policies and the preparation of strategic recommendations in the form of a draft Statement of Heritage Impact and Maintenance/ Repair Schedules. Critical in this analysis was to identify the impacts and how they would be mitigated.

Best practice took two primary forms:

  1. Analysis of CMP policies and on-site investigations re-confirming items of heritage significance.
  2. Preparation of analysis diagrams, draft SoHi and Repair Schedules with an emphasis on graphic communication and illustrated tables.

PTW provided sound and well informed heritage advice about how to successfully adapt an estate of national importance - as a new type of cemetery. In the adaptation of the estate understanding the various layers of heritage significance was fundamental.


Darug Country, Mulgoa Road, Mulgoa, NSW, Australia


PTW Architects


Research and Development, Rookwood General Cemeteries Reserve Trust