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Glenwood High School

PTW were engaged to provide Phases 2-8 (Concept Design to Completion) architectural consultancy services for the design of new education spaces at the existing campuses of Glenwood HS. It is owned and operated under a public private partnership (PPP).

The Glenwood High School (GHS) will provide facilities for 1820 students and 126 staff. The proposed redevelopment of the existing school will replace the existing 20 demountables with permanent learning spaces. In total 47 new learning spaces will be added to the campus.

Connecting with Country

Consultation at the schools has been undertaken to develop thoughtful, considered and appropriate design responses that inform the design of the school buildings and landscaped areas, and provide a sense of historic and cultural continuity to these schools located in relatively new suburbs, with however, strong indigenous links through the natural environment.

Woodland areas will be able to be opened for school and community use and enjoyment; indigenous edible plants will be incorporated in the kitchen garden and a garden for plants used for weaving added into the composition for GHS. Colours and motifs that are meaningful for the school community will be incorporated in the perforated metal screens that clad the external stairs and balustrades of each school.

SINSW Design Standardisation

At Glenwood HS the built form utilises the SINSW planning grid for both the general and specialist learning spaces. The “knuckle” of the two main wings contains the lift, stair and accessible toilet with breezeway connections. Another breezeway with services rooms, including the comms room, and student amenities separates the two parts of the north-south wing. The access balconies, which are part of the SINSW planning grid, face the central stand of trees. At the ground level, there are external learning areas at this interface.

5 Star Green Star - GHS is designed under the 5 Star Green Star Building tool.

Glenwood High School exterior
Glenwood High School exterior
Glenwood High School exterior
Glenwood High School exterior


Darug Country, Glenwood, Sydney, NSW, Australia


NSW Department of Education