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Northern Star Mixed-use Development

The Northern Star complex incorporates vernacular patterns of porosity and climate responsiveness whilst aiming to promote an “organic” meandering feel and inciting discovery.

The residential towers’ undulating “green” façade is reminiscent of Vietnam’s trademark rice terraces. These have a dual function, providing intimate outdoor spaces and sun shading.

The use of eco-friendly, natural and textured materials help contextualize the design whilst adding comfort and a sense of familiarity.

The mixed-use tower visually signals the entrance into the new development. As such, its façade is distilled, simple, clean, luxurious with a strong architectural presence. It is designed to provide a distinctive and unique landmark quality and become a beacon of the entire development, and the neighbourhood generally.


No of levels


Thousand (GFA m2)


Thousand (Site Area m2)

Aerial view of towers
Towers and retail area


Nam Trung Yen, Hanoi, Vietnam


Northern Star Development and Investment JSC