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Wharfs 8-10 – Pyrmont Bay

The two-stage waterfront development for Pyrmont Bay in Sydney Harbour combined mixed-use commercial, residential, retail and marina berths.

The first stage at Wharf 10 was completed in 2001, and involved the development of a harbour’s edge commercial office building and retail complex of 5000m² over three levels. This saw the extension of the public domain which included a 550m² ‘urban park’ with shade structures and large areas of evocative hardwood decking timbers.

Wharf 10 was an example of a contemporary building conforming to a ‘wharf morphology’ in response to its maritime context.

Wharfs 8 & 9 has residential uses and a marina with boat berths.

Wharf Exterior
Wharf 9
Wharf 10 Entrance
Wharf 10


Gadigal Country, Pyrmont Bay, Sydney, NSW, Australia


Charter Hall Holdings with Babcock & Brown