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Unilever Vietnam Head Office, HCMC

Unilever Vietnam Head Office

The headquarters for Unilever Vietnam is located in the urban growth area known as Saigon South. On a 4,800m² site, the building contained approximately 10,000m² of office space which provided a high degree of flexibility and large column-free spaces. In addition, the building provided areas for consumer product trials.

Unlike a conventional office tower where large tenancies are distributed over many floors, the brief specifically sought a low-rise building with large open floors and a high degree of interconnectivity between levels, which was facilitated by effective interconnecting stairs and voids offering visual and acoustic connections between floors and encouraging collaboration.

The built form was an informal character that welcomed people into its dramatic public spaces. With due consideration of climatic conditions, the building featured 3.2 metre high ceilings and façade shading elements, which were arrayed in a playful and dynamic pattern along the façades. Making full use of mixed mode air-conditioning, the building had been designed for easy cross-ventilation and had great exposure to favourable cooling sea breezes from the east and south. Full height perimeter glazing with high ceilings allowed natural light to penetrate deep into the floor plate.


No of levels


Thousand (GFA m2)


Thousand (Site m2)

Unilever Vietnam Head Office Exterior
Unilever Vietnam Head Office Aerial View
Unilever Vietnam Head Office Exterior


Nguyen Luong Bang Street, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Unilever Vietnam