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Sydney International Aquatic Centre

A part of Sydney’s preparation of its Olympic Bid was to undertake the design and construction of several facilities that would demonstrate its ability and resolve to host the 2000 Olympic Games. The Sydney International Aquatic Centre hosted all the finals for swimming, diving, synchronised swimming and water polo and the preliminaries for the above with the exception of water polo.

The controlled environment provided by all 4 pools being under the one roof allows for year round use for competition, training and leisure activities. The inclusion of 1000m² of leisure pool, an 8 lane training pool, gymnasium, cafe and creche support the broad range of users of this key Olympic venue.

A vaulted diagrid roof, supported by a steel arch along its open edge, spans the building. This allowed one wall to be removed for the addition of temporary seating, increasing the capacity from approximately 4,500 to 17,000 during the games.


Wangal Country, Olympic Park, Homebush Bay, Sydney, NSW, Australia


PTW Architects in association with Cox Richardson




1995 Architectural Steel Design Award

1999 Gold Meal IOC/IAKs Awards