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Poly Horizon

The site at 20-38 Cambridge Street is located within the town centre of Epping, a northern Sydney suburb. Three hundred metres north of Epping railway, the site was bounded by Cambridge Street to the west and Chester Street to the north.

The design consisted of two residential towers of 501 apartments (Tower A: 21 storeys and Tower B: 22 storeys) and a third low-rise tower (Tower C: a 7-storey street edge podium building). The new built form was positioned on the site in response to the urban context of the Epping Town Centre.

The proposed development sought to provide a transition from a denser town centre precinct of mixed-use with active retail edges to lower residential densities in an open landscape pattern. In this way, the northern edge of the proposed development acknowledged this open residential pattern. The proposed residential towers, as urban markers to the northern edge of the town centre, were used to also define a sequence of community focused landscapes.

Apartment Living Area
Apartment Bedroom
Building B Lobby
Development Exterior
Aerial View


Wallumedegal Country, 20-28 Cambridge Street, Epping, Sydney, NSW, Australia


Poly Group