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One Hub Saigon

One Hub Saigon

One Hub Saigon, the gateway to Saigon High-tech Park. A place to live work play and learn.

As the Brain of the High-tech Park, strategically positioned between knowledge centres (universities) and production centres (High- Tech Park), One Hub Saigon functioned as a mediator between the two.

Innovative and ecologic design were the keywords in the design process with LEED gold as a target. The design responded to the conditions of the site, both the local climate as to the current topography. This had a direct impact to the architecture.

One Hub Saigon was a mixed use project, where commerce, leisure, work and living met. In total there were 7 office buildings from 7 to 10 storeys with a total GFA of 360,000 m2. The total site area was 120,000 m2.

One Hub Saigon was organized around the Green heart, a park that was considered to be a green living room and was the centre of outdoor activities. All the office buildings were connected with a walkway forming a commercial route around the park.


Max no of levels


Thousand (GFA m2)


Thousand (Site m2)

One Hub Saigon Interior
One Hub Saigon Exterior
One Hub Saigon Aerial View
One Hub Saigon Exterior


Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


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