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Constantine Zenith Theatre, Algeria

Constantine Zenith Theatre

The Zenith Theatre, Constantine, is a landmark venue that linked the 21st Century development of Algeria with its native traditions and rich culture.

The concept of the project consisted of three large horizontal planes that sat in a contrasted harmony with the surrounding topography. The overall shape of the structure created a generous public space over three levels which emerged from the ground and created a form to match the venue’s position as a cultural hotspot in Africa.

The building had a large zenith music hall, for a maximum of 3,000 spectators, equipped with the highest technical standards. It was designed as a flexible space able to be adapted to different functions and capacities. There were two further theatres, each which can seat 150 and 300 people respectively. As a result, the new building was a place not only of artistic performance but one which could support numerous other events. Local and cultural references were used as part of the design principles to make the building a solid reference for Constantine, a city with a strong character and rich history.

The site located on the outskirts of the city centre, near to the Constantine International Airport and the Mediterranean Sea.

Constantine Zenith Theatre Detail
Constantine Zenith Theatre Stage
Constantine Zenith Theatre Exterior


Constantine, Algeria


PTW Architects in association with CCDI


Government of Algeria