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Camperdown Social Housing Project

The design for the Camperdown Project reflected the social concept of housing of the Office of Community Housing of Housing NSW. It provided modern, adaptable and affordable units with easy access to services and facilities.

The units addressed the needs of older people, of clients with mobility impairment as well as those with priority needs. The proposal responded to the harsh constraints of the Parramatta Road site by the creation of mediating systems that included trees, ventilation fins/stacks and louvers.

The apartment block was designed to be one apartment deep only in order to keep the built form slender, as well as to give good access to natural light and air - and to ensure that each apartment has an easily identifiable front door to the access “path” or “street” on its floor.

There are 29 one bedroom apartments, common room cafe and retail spaces for commercial lease.


Camperdown, Sydney, NSW, Australia


Housing NSW/Bridge Housing