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2-6 Cavill Avenue

A new DA-approved project at 2-6 Cavill Avenue Ashfield will revitalise the western edge of the town centre, close to Ashfield Railway Station.

Responding to Ashfield’s historic brick vernacular, the main building form is sensitively carved from brick masonry to reveal crisply detailed balconies and punched window openings. The lower levels of the built form respect the human scale of the streetscape, with generously proportioned entry zones and two storey portal frames responding to the scale of adjacent buildings. A sophisticated use of materiality and texture together with planting and urban furniture activates the public domain of the street.

The proposal creates a warm, welcoming, and safe environment within the town centre of Ashfield. Through the use of scale, texture and material colour, the proposal combines a sophisticated palette of materials and architectural detailing to enrich and enhance its surroundings.



Gadigal and Wangal Country, Sydney, NSW, Australia


Shayher Group