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Embracing the Modern Aesthetic for an Evolving City

During the World War Two years of 1939 – 1945, the firm was staffed only by the three partners; Samuel (SG) Thorp, Frank Thorp and Ernest (F.H.E) Walker. Despite the scarcity of manpower and building materials, commissions included private houses, educational, masterplanning and industrial projects.

Graham Thorp joined his father Samuel and uncle Frank as sole partners of Peddle Thorp and Walker in 1952, following Walker’s death. With the partners connection to Sydney business clients, banks and international companies the firm undertook a range of well - detailed post-war public, industrial and commercial commissions. In 1952 the firm was awarded their second ‘Sulman Medal’ (with E.H.G Lundquist) for the Royal Swedish Legation in Canberra.

Pictured above: Royal Swedish Legation, Canberra (1952)